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they are the most infuriating company.
they always make u feel stupid.
the only nice people there are the field techs.


1 comp is working (sort of) now
the other needs a power switch replacement

my comps...

i hope lj understands my comps have issues at this time.
i want to be able to keep my journal.
*crosses fingers*

for a $1,000, you can save your soul...

I want to tell you an awesome story...I was going to Mass, and the Miami diocese was celebrating an umpteenth anniversary milestone of some sort.  The priest said that each book was $20, but if you don't have the money, you could donate it next week.  You don't hear much of that nowadays... 
I wish I could give him the Miami Dolphins.  He's a Dolphan!

"mean girls"

"mean girls" is a really, really, good movie.  when i was in school, i never thought of eating lunch in the bathroom!  i always waited for a space to open at a table and eat there.  of course, with me, it happened in middle school.  i was always late for my next class.


yes it bears repeating

in regards to voting..

vote early and don't let anyone know who you are voting for


please vote, but don't wear any indication of whom you are voting for...just vote, and try to vote early!


things are really tight at this time.many people who have money don't get the people who don't have much money.Thank God for the people who do get the people who don't have much money.We are working really hard to have enough money,but it is tough.


it looks like the ioc is allowing Iraq to compete.  that is good to know.