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feeling better about myself...

...still working on getting better.
my dad leaving my mom and myself for someone else is still fucking up my life big time.  sometimes, i really, really hate him.  i still love him.  he's my dad.

my musings.

ever feel like someone has slipped through your fingers, someone you never had in the first place?
dear diary,
i'm excruciatingly in love right now, with a couple of people.  same as always.  dating sites can be such a waste.  whatever.  oh yes, spoilers, as if anyone reads this:  my lord is either, the evil red woman's slave, a warg for the rest of his life, or an Other.  or was it a prescient dream????


grrm has a penchant for making characters awesome.  why dany just does not run off with daario is just maddening?  if grrm does see this, i would really love it if dany and daario could be together.  just my wish.  we all deserve to find someone as adorable as daario is.  just a silly wish.  i'm so afraid that daario *spoilers* *spoilers* *spoilers*  (like anyone is ready this, anyway.)

my dad.

my dad died.  i love my dad so much.

newer worries

ever be worried about things that u can't change and can't deal with.
have to take one day at a time.
one step at a time.
totally stressed out right now.
feeling alone.

i will return

i will be away for a while, but i will return.  i have to catch up on my bills.  i pray that all of us experiencing the financial hardships do not give up on hope.  please, live journal, keep my account open.  thanks :)