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20 August
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i do not like sexist terms like, "rule of thumb," b/c it refers to an old law that you could only hit your wife with a pole that was the size of your thumb. i believe in spaying/neutering your pets to help stop animal overpopulation and stop the amount of animals that are being put to sleep. i believe in being a vegan although i get sick whenever i try soy, and i love ice cream. i love neal stephenson, dragon books, and artwork by boris vallejo. i will edit later b/c it's 3 in the morning again and i promised i'd work overtime this weekend. plus, i have to trap some cats to get their shots updated. yes, i know this doesn't belong in my bio, but my journal. will continue this later. still continuing this. if you find me poking in your profile, i hope i am not offending anyone, it is just this live journal thing is new and i am not exactly sure of how everything works.